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Use Couponvalentine14 for 14%OFF ON ANY CHARIOT NEW  YORK COMBOS  PRODUCT....



About Us


About Us

Chariot New York is a well established brand, known for their premium lineup of luxury products. With
many faces in the market, they strive for their exquisite quality, while catering to the ever-growing
needs of the masses. For today’s generation adaptation of one’s lifestyle to the ongoing trends is
considered essential for survival. Hence, we strive to move parallel along with the market demands.
When it comes to quality control, we leave no stones unturned. Speaking about our recent release of
premium coffee collections, we have these in our lineup : gold blend, espresso, classic, and arabica. As
unique as they sound, each one of them are processed completely different, crafting them to sheer
perfection. This makes it more suitable for the tastebuds of caffiene lovers. Straignt from our coffee
beans, it marks it’s birth from the lush green islands of Costa rica. The overall manifacturing and
refining experience includes the cumulated efforts of several hardworkers. Prior taking a sip, just by
the aroma one can resonate with the exclusiveness of the coffee in-making. Hence, it concludes as a
perfect gourmet experience.
Our luxury taste does not only stops till it’s edible experience, as we also have yielded our arsenal of
premium skincare and cosmetic products. With many competitors in this segment, there are a handful
of them, which truly cares for you. Our products are vegetarian, paraben free, and animal cruelty-free
in nature. We have an extravagant collections of Creme lipstic, BB cream, Creme illumination blush,
Body lotion, scrub, and more. Each of these products are skillfully crafted with perfection, making them
ideal for your regular use. We have more upcoming products in making, which will eventually help us
inculcate a complete care package that your body deserves.
We hope to provide you the ultimate experience, while matching your lifestyle trends. For any
suggestions, or enquiries feel free to reach us at :