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Chariot New york Vitamin C Face Clay Mask (60 g)

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Chariot New york Vitamin C Face Clay Mask (60 g)


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Vitamin C •Energize your dull and tired-looking skin with Chariot vitamin c purifying and brighten clay face mask •It is a hydrating product that gets rid of dead skin layer and impurities without disturbing your skins natural lipid and moisture mantle •The mask helps to draw out deep-seated impurities and dead skin cells and refine pores. It helps to repair and energize tired, dull skin. Helps to improve blood circulation to the skin •This mask also has skin-rejuvenating orange Fruit extract to energize and revive tired, aging skin. They help to keep excess sebum production in cheek and give skin a smooth, soft texture •This product is suitable for all skin types. Results may vary depending on your skin condition. Continuous use helps to enhance your skin making it supple and soft and non-oily •THE VITAMIN C: Vitamin C has antioxidant properties and may help promote suppleness and address uneven tone. •UNVEIL YOUR SKIN AT ITS BEST: An intense, clay-based mask that removes dead skin cells, hydrates, helps even skin tone, and brightens the complexion, Clear Pores and Control Acne, Decreases signs of Aging. •DETOXIFY & BRIGHTEN: Gentle for even sensitive & acne prone skin, this Vitamin C and Kaolin clay mask gently exfoliates and minimizes pores, reducing inflammation allowing skin to heal quickly. Helps lighten dark spots and acne scars. •FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Skin Loving and Best Quality Ingredients that Suitable for Dry, Normal, Oily, Combination, and even Sensitive skin.


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