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Use Couponvalentine14 for 14%OFF ON ANY CHARIOT NEW  YORK COMBOS  PRODUCT....



Chariot New york Tea Tree Face Clay Mask (60 g)

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Chariot New york Tea Tree Face Clay Mask (60 g)


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Tree Tea | Green Tea Clay Mask – VEGAN Eco-Friendly Packaging | Paraben Free | Cruelty-Free | No sulphates | No silicon |Mineral oil Free •PURIFYING PORE CLEANSE MASK: A purifying detox treatment mask to detan and purge the pores for a renewed, fresh looking skin. •MICROMILLED HIGHEST GRADE CLAYS: Meticulously micro-milled diatomaceous earth, fuller’s earth, bentonite and kaolin clays work to draw out excess oil, and protect against daily pollutants and Acne, resulting in clearer looking skin. •BOTANICAL NUTRITION: Soothing, lipid-rich Tea tree oil, therapeutic green tea leaf extract work to neutralize surface impurities and support the skin’s natural barrier function. •DETAN & DETOXIFY: Tea tree and green tea leaf extracts fight free radical damage and detoxify the look of the skin. •EASY FIVE MINUTE RITUAL: Simple, quick to use clay mask that reveals a fresh-looking skin on rinse off. •Clarifies pores: Made with Kaolin clay, as one of its primary ingredients, this pore clarifying face mask removes any trace of dirt and impurity from your skin without making it dry. Embrace clean, healthy and naturally radiant skin with the Anti-Pollution and Acne Defence Mask with Green Clay Tea Tree and Green Tea. •Hydrates: Infused with Hyaluronic acid, experience soft, supple and hydrated skin after every use. It quenches your skin with the right amount of water that keeps it moisturized and also regulates cell regeneration. Result is a firm and healthy-looking skin that doesn’t sag or shows any signs of premature ageing. •Exfoliates, brightens and detoxifies: This green clay and green tea face mask is packed with properties that exfoliate, brighten and detoxify your skin. Simplify your beauty ritual with one effective product and notice the difference with regular use. •Tames oily skin: This clay face mask controls the sebum production in your skin, without affecting the natural oil balance. It keeps breakouts and pesky pimples out of your way. •Suits all: Designed with the best of what the nature has to offer, this face mask for brightening skin has zero traces of sulphates, paraben or any substance that can pose a threat to your skin. Make the most of this face mask with regular and consistent use. •This green clay mask provides intense detoxifying treatment against pollution, ageing and acne to naturally purify your skin. •Acting as a natural facial pore cleaner and blackhead remover, this green clay face pack also works as an anti- eating breakouts and blemishes. •Preventing dull skin due to the effects of pollution, this face mask leaves skin feeling energized, smooth and radiant.


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