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........Woo Hoo!  Rs 50 Discount Use Code :CCDCFDGR



Chariot New York Charcoal Face Wash


Chariot New York Charcoal Face Wash


Spot Removal::Anti-acne & Pimples::Blackhead Remover

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Charcoal Evacuates Excessive Activated Carbon Powder Purifies The Skin. Charcoal Helps In Opening Up The Clogged Pores And Removing The Whiteheads. Charcoal Wipes Out Bacteria, Dirt, Impurities, Toxins Caused Due To Excessive Exposure To Pollution From Your Skin. You Get A Flawless Look When The Toxins And Impurities Are Expelled From Your Face. The Activated Charcoal Fends Skin Break Out By Sloughing Off The Excess Oils, Making Your Skin Radiant And Glows. For The Dull Skin Cells, Charcoal Can Enable You To Dispose Of The Unnecessary Melanin And Revives The Skin. Normal Utilization Of Actuated Charcoal Items Likewise Fixes The Skin. The Cell Restoration Rate Improves That Builds Collagen Creation. Charcoal Fixes And Firms The Skin And Has Against Aging As Well.

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Weight 120 g