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Chariot New york Argan Keratin Vegan Conditioner  (300 ml)

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Chariot New york Argan Keratin Vegan Conditioner  (300 ml)


Damage Repair, Color Protection, Straightening & Smoothening, Scalp Cleansing, Daily Care, Dryness Care, Nourishment & Moisturization

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•RETAIN and RESTORE MOISTURE: Helps Retain and Conserve the Natural Moisture content of your Hair. With this VEGAN Conditioner, Restore the Lustre to your Hair Damaged by excessive heat UV rays or Styling Products. •Gives Rich Nourishing care to improve Strength, boost Hydration and revive Silkiness of excessively dry hair. •Powerful anti-dryness Nourishment that effectively removes Dryness and Restores hair health. Leaves hair Smoother and Softer, less prone to Tangling and Breakage •NUTRIENT-RICH FORMULA: The Nutrient-rich Conditioner easily penetrates the Hair Follicles and Supplies the External Nourishment Essential for Maintaining optimal Hair Growth. its Regular Daily use Application, it Helps in Strengthening the Hair, and your tresses become Thicker and Healthier. •VEGAN Healthy Formula Totally without Sulphates, Parabens, Mineral Oils, Silicones.

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Weight 300 g